Mouth Guards in Greensboro NC

Teeth are strong and can exert undue stress. The force from the pressure can cause severe damage to your teeth. Playing contact sports and grinding at night are usually to blame for such damage. Dr. Sanford creates professional mouth guards at the Smile Gallery of Greensboro that can take the pressure off your teeth and protect them from pressure and grinding.

Dr. Sanford offers high quality custom fit mouth guards that you wear at night and while playing sports. These mouth guards will protect your teeth from the symptoms of TMJ/TMD. Teeth are cushioned from each other which alleviates pain. Specially fitted to your mouth, these mouth guards leave your jaw refreshed and your teeth undamaged after continual wear. Custom fit mouth guards are created with streamlined materials that will fit your teeth like a glove.

Smile Gallery of Greensboro knows you deserve the best when it comes to your oral care! Dr. Sanford's custom fit mouth guards will save you money on future dentistry needs and will be the most comfortable way to protect your teeth in Greensboro, Summerfield, Browns Summit, Oak Ridge, Winston Salem, Reidsville, High Point and beyond. So give Dr. Sanford a call right now and schedule your appointment to have your teeth protecting custom fit mouth guard made today! (336)365-0293