Dental Bonding in Greensboro NC

Chips, gaps, and cracks in teeth can leave you feeling self conscious.  Dr. Sanford can quickly fix those with dental bonding, which is a resin material typically used for fillings.  The color of the material will be matched to that of your natural teeth.  Dr. Sanford will apply the resin, mold it to the correct shape, and harden it to the tooth using a high-intensity light. Dental Bonding allows Dr. Sanford to quickly, safely, and effectively restore patients' teeth so that they look more naturally beautiful. With a quick polish of the tooth, the process is complete. The best part is dental bonding is not painful and can be accomplished without anesthetic!

There are several advantages to dental bonding:

The results of dental bonding can last for many years, and the procedure is a quick fix for lot of dental problems. The Smile Gallery of Greensboro in 27410 can perform a dental bonding procedure. Dr. Sanford serves many patients in the Summerfield, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Jamestown, Horse Pen Creek, Friendly areas! She would be delighted to serve you also!

Call our office today for a consult to see how dental bonding can brighten your smile, and give you the confidence you deserve!  Dr Sanford and her team, The Smile Gallery of Greensboro are here to help!

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