Dental Bridges in Greensboro NC

A bridge is a custom-made device used to replace a missing tooth or teeth by utilizing the teeth on either side to anchor.  Bridgework can affordably replace teeth that have been lost. The teeth on either side of the missing one are prepared as if we are crowning them. The preparation of both teeth allows us to accommodate the materials that will be used to hold the prosthetic tooth in place. If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the ideal answer to help return your smile to its natural look, and give you back the ability to chew normally!

At your first appointment with Dr. Sanford, a small amount of tooth structure will be removed from the teeth surrounding the missing tooth. An impression is made and sent to a dental lab so the bridge can be custom fabricated. Dr. Sanford will fit you with a temporary bridge until your next visit, at which time the permanent dental bridge will be adjusted for comfort and permanently cemented into place.

A dental bridge can do more than fill in gaps. When your bite has openings, correct speaking and chewing problems occur. Your bite loses strength and teeth begin to drift.  When teeth drift, the change in your bite can result in a pain, gum disease, bone loss and tooth decay.

If you are experiencing pain when chewing, strain when biting, difficulty speaking or you just are feeling self-conscious because of misaligned or missing teeth, a dental bridge might be the perfect option for you. The Smile Gallery of Greensboro in 27410 can consult with you about whether a bridge is the best option. Dr. Sanford serves many patients in the Summerfield, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Jamestown, Horse Pen Creek, Friendly areas! She would be delighted to serve you also! Just give us a call!